Havin' a Blast and Gettin' Paid!


Kinky Quizzo® trivia Hosts get paid to talk sex!

Does getting on a microphone and talking about sex sound like fun to you? How about throwing in a couple/few free drinks, new friends and more money in your pocket than you walked in with?

Are you Experienced?

You don't need to be a pro MC to work with us. Just be fun and outgoing with a clear speaking voice and strong reading skills. We'll teach you the rest and supply all game materials.

Ready to help spread the Kink?

We are striving to make Kinky Quizzo available anywhere in the USA. Contact us, and along with you, we will spread the kink! 

Check it out!

Meet a Few of our Hosts



  Kinky Quizzo combines my love of making people laugh with the thrill of shocking them! Taking on a microphone is definitely different from my normal weapon of choice: graphic design for Swallow like a Lady coffee mugs. But the instant gratification of seeing smiles, laughs and winners is super exciting! 



  I like hosting kinky quizzo because it pulls me out of my shell, I get to meet new people, experience new places and share laughs 



 When I first moved into the area I was looking to meet new people and make some extra cash. Then one night I was out with friends playing Kinky Quizzo and I found a way to do both. I love hosting and I wouldn't give it up for anything!