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Kinky Quizzo® trivia for Your Location

Adding Kinky Quizzo to your entertainment schedule is easy just contact us today!

What if you already run trivia night?

It's OK to have two brands of trivia. 90% of our locations run general trivia weekly and Kinky Quizzo monthly. They can co-exist. Our game draws a different crowd than a regular quiz game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How much is it to have Kinky Quizzo at my location? The price is based on factors at the proposed location.
  • What all is included? A live host and a game that runs about 2.5 hours and includes well over a hundred and twenty five dollars worth of adult prizes for the top three teams. Plus full color posters and table tents, a web ready flyer formatted for social media.
  • How long does a Kinky Quizzo game last? Typically 2.5 hours
  • How dirty are the questions? We consider our trivia material to be tastefully kinky. Although Kinky Quizzo is a pub trivia game all about sex we do pull our facts from history, music, movies, television and much more. 
  • How soon can I get Kinky Quizzo started at my location? We recommend giving at least 2 weeks lead to spread the word about the game.
  • How often should I run the game? As often as you’d like. You can always change the scheduling as needed. The most popular choices are weekly and monthly
  • Do I have to lock into a contract? No there is never a contract. 
  • How do I cancel? There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime just give us a ring or shoot us an email.

What are you waiting for?

Watch this short clip to see what Kinky Quizzo is all about!


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